Year-Round Flavors

Bad Blood Orange | Semi-dry
Sometimes bad is better than good. Such is the case with this elegantly semi-dry hard cider. It has an invigorating citrus finish of blood orange. Try some, it’s yours for the picking.

Eat a PeachSemi-sweet
A blend of succulent peaches with our cider to make a perfect summer beverage. It’s sweet and sassy.
Available: Mid-June – August, 2018

Tangerine DreamSemi-Sweet
A burst of tangerine makes this orange creamsicle dreamy and crushable.

Sucker PunchSemi-Dry
A fruit punch cider with a perfect array of juices.  Smack you in the face flavor with a crisp dryer finish.

Apples and cranberries make such a dynamic pairing. Deceptively smooth with an explosion of flavor!

Rotating Flavors

Hunky Dory Apple Pie
Apple, cinnamon, caramel and vanilla

Maui Wowie
Pineapple and ginger

Swell Cold Brew Cider
Our cider with One Line Coffee

Tart Side of the Moon
Made with Sweet Tarts

Moon Dust
Cranberry and blood orange

Blueberry and lemon

Habanero and cherry

Peanut butter and jelly.

Tight Squeeze
Mango and pomegranate

Over the Moon
Our original cider made semi-sweet

The Mad Moon Taproom has other unique flavors tapped weekly, check our social media for more info!